“A business that only makes money, is a bad business.”

Henry Ford

Working in the construction industry we are lucky enough to know that what we do every day benefits other people. We create, we shelter, we beautify. Whatever role a person fulfils at BAAS goes someway to fulfilling one of these three goals, yet we believe in going even further.

We believe when we build that all our workers should be safe and that’s why BAAS follows the strictest health and safety guidelines while also providing first aid trained staff on every site.

We believe that our customers should be treated with respect, they should be kept well informed on all works being completed on their property and have an appropriate outlet for them to not only voice their queries and concerns but have them addressed quickly and professionally. As such, we provide trained Tenant Liaison Officers on all our projects.

We believe in enriching the communities that we work in, sponsoring local sporting teams and events, attending resident association meetings and ensuring a safe and quiet work environment to minimalise disruption.

We believe that it is not just people who should benefit from our work but also the environment. BAAS only uses safe and environmentally friendly materials and when removing hazardous materials, such as asbestos from old buildings, follows stringent guidelines to ensure their safe disposal.