BAAS Construction was incorporated in 1982 as a limited company but began some years earlier when the company’s founder Kevin O’Connell partnered with a friend to start a building firm as, ‘he had an old van and I had a fiver.’ Back then, long before the internet, the best way to promote a business was to land a prominent entry in the ‘Yellow Pages’, a directory of local businesses, and the best way to achieve this was to have a business beginning with the letter ‘A’.

While Kevin and his partner toyed with such names as ‘AAA Construction’ and ‘Aardvark Construction,’ eventually he decided he didn’t just want a name because of its location in the alphabet. At the same time though Kevin didn’t want to miss out on a potentially lucrative placement, so he started with the letter B and after some head scratching came up with the acronym BAAS – Brush And A Shovel.

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BAAS’s first office was just two rooms above a shop on Cow Lane with the first room taken by Kevin and the other by his then wife Lindsey O’Connell, now Leng.

Initially, the company focused on small building jobs such as paving driveways and roofing repairs but as it grew it began to take on bigger and bigger projects until it started tendering for public works contracts.

A move was made to new offices on Manchester Rd and among other staff they were joined by Haydn Williams, a site manager, Carol Smith, an office junior, and in time quantity surveyor, Gary Anderson.

BAAS has gone through some difficult times over the past 30 years. It has survived two recessions, the most recent, of course, the Great Recession of 2008 but each time the company has come back stronger than ever. In fact, during that exact recession it moved to bigger and better offices on Brookland Road in Burnley and is now currently where the company resides.

During the years BAAS has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of councils, companies and private clients on some spectacular projects. Taking us from two men working out a job on the back of a fag packet to a multi-million pound company that is currently involved in dozens of large scale projects across the country.

We’re proud to say that both Haydn and Carol recently celebrated 25 years with us and are now the Managing Director and Company Secretary respectively after Kevin O’Connell stepped down in 2014 and Lindsey Leng did the same in 2015. While Gary is now the Commercial Director and is also fast approaching this mile stone.

Blending the best of the past with the opportunity of the post-recession future we’re greatly looking forward to achieving even more during this exciting time. Ultimately BAAS believes in making things better for everyone we work with from clients to contractors.