‘Elevate Programme’

Extensive refurbishment in a conservation area presents very real challenges of its own and BAAS is proud of its record of working in partnership with conservation bodies. Nelson West Phase II, a £2.6 million project that was part of a Housing Market Renewal programme, is a prime example. The project involved working in close alliance with English Heritage and English Partnerships using traditional materials and building methods to the highest standards. This flagship project has been the focus of considerable interest from Prince Charles, a champion of conservation, from government ministers and from the media.

  • “As this work was in a conservation area, BAAS utilised traditional building materials in the scheme and focused on a local supply as far as possible. In line with Elevate’s social objectives, BAAS was also able to undertake training initiatives for the benefit of several local people in the area.”

    Kathleen Reagan Houghton
    Communications Director, Elevate East Lancashire.