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"At BAAS we believe that finding and using the right people is the key to delivering the best services"

Company Ethos.

looking after people since 1982.

Since BAAS Construction Ltd was incorporated in 1982 we have partnered a whole variety of clients over many years, working in and on many tens of thousands of homes over those years, listening, learning and constantly improving along the way. So now today our clients and our customers don't have to worry quite so much about the why's the what's and the how's because they can relax safe in the knowledge that they have chosen such an established partner.  Over time BAAS has built on our principals to become one of the most reputable and industry-wide, recognised Principal Contractors that it is today, fully converse with both modern and traditional building methods and technologies, BAAS are able to offer invaluable help and assistance to our clients with whatever scheme or project they are about to embark upon.  complementary to the skills and the know-how BAAS are also fully converse with customer service and we are able to demonstrate in many ways how we consider the needs of our clients and their residents first.  Customer satisfaction, quality, and communication are our top priority, we know through our long experience that delivering a first class and quality service is as much to do with excellent communication, all our customers and clients are very well informed and well-represented.  BAAS have no doubt that our company ethos and finely tuned bespoke procedures are some of the main contributing factors responsible for our many directly awarded contracts and repeat clients.

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Your home, our business.

Personal Service.

Being involved with major construction to any home requires a great deal of organising, supervision and information.  This is where we believe it is crucial that we take a well informed and a very proactive approach, listening to the people who will be affected the most, the home occupiers, residents their families, relatives and their immediate neighbours, effective organisation, planning and communication is paramount in safeguarding those people and their needs while also allowing BAAS to plan our work effectively while guiding residents comfortably and confidently through all the necessary processes involved until we  reach  the satisfactory completion of our work for our customers.  Our tenant liaison officers will provide bespoke information and contact details for everyone in the BAAS team allowing the right people to answer any range of questions or queries however big or small.

More about our approach.

Putting you first.

Our consultations are designed to explain clearly what we need to do at every stage of the intended works, we will carefully discuss everything we might need from the resident and their family and also how we are here to help them with anything they may require assistance with.  Consultations are usually carried out in the residents own home putting them instantly at ease with their surroundings and at a time that suits them, we find this helps to keep residents comfortable in their own home with any family members, close friends or aiders they may wish to have with them while we slowly take them through the whole process answering any questions or concerns they may have or that may come apparent through the consultation.  Our aim is to provide as much detail as may be needed for the resident to fully understand and digest this information.  Every resident will receive their own bespoke and comprehensive residents information pack filled with all the useful information they are going to need about the intended works.  Our Tenant liaison officers (TLO) will also consult with any adjoining properties and carry out informative consultations with all of privately owned or leased properties who may neighbour your homes discussing again the necessary works and the BAAS team who will be involved in delivering this and once again providing them with all the relative information they may need and all our contact details.  BAAS Construction always provides the full professional service you should expect from an established Principal Contractor.

Signing a Contract

Connect with BAAS to find out how we can help with your social housing needs.

BAAS Construction Ltd

One of the longest established Principal Contractors in the North West  

With over 40 years of experience in the social housing sector, we can hopefully deliver what every landlord and housing association are looking for. By using what we have learnt over our many years in this field.

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Sunny Estate
Apartment Views

New build schemes

When it comes to New Build BAAS are fully compliant with current building regulations and up-to-the minute building techniques.  This site in Barnsley was once garages that had long fallen into disrepair.  However it won't be too long before there will be four happy families taking ownership of their brand new state-of-the-art homes thanks to Berneslai Homes, BAAS Construction and by no means least all of the hard work that has contributed to this construction from all the apprentices involved.

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