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How it all began.....

BAAS Construction was incorporated in 1982 as a limited company but began some years earlier when the company's founder Mr Kevin O'Connell partnered with a friend to start a building firm as, "he had an old van and I had a fiver" Back then, long before the internet, the right way to promote a business was to land a prominent entry in the 'Yellow pages', a directory of local businesses, and the best way to achieve this was to have a business beginning with the letter 'A'.

While Kevin and his partner toyed with such names as 'AAA Construction' and 'Aardvark Construction,' eventually he decided he didn't just want a name because of its location in the alphabet.  At the same time though Kevin didn't want to miss out on a potentially lucrative placement, so he started with the letter 'B' and after some head scratching came up with the acronym BAAS - Brush And A Shovel.  Over the years BAAS has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of councils, companies and private clients on some spectacular projects.  Taking us from two men working out a job scrawled on the back of a 'fag packet'  to a multi-million-pound company that is currently involved in dozens of large scale projects across the country.


We are proud to say that we have many employees here who have passed their 25-year milestones at BAAS and even a few more of them with over 30 years of service, which gives our team a wealth of experience and knowledge to draw from. 


Blending the best of the past with opportunity of the future we are optimistic and looking forward to achieving even more during these exciting times.  Ultimately BAAS believes in making things better for everyone and its been our pleasure and good fortune to work with some amazing people over the years these include local communities, schools, residents, clients,  and contractors.



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